IT Staffing Solutions

Providing our clients with high-quality IT staffing at the lowest rate the market will bear. When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated team of individuals working on your account. Your Pyramid team will understand the kind of resources you need for each project, and will deliver the right people in a timely manner. We’ll draw from your local market in the U.S. and we’ll recruit under the most advantageous terms for your organization.

Hiring presents challenges because staffing needs change with circumstances: the skill sets you need, the urgency with which you need to hire, the position’s location, and the position’s level of responsibility. We apply both industry-specific understanding and hiring practice expertise to help you decide which of three methods will best serve you:


Tapping our extensive base of contract employees can help you quickly ramp up and down to respond efficiently and economically to rapidly changing market conditions.


Bringing someone on board in a permanent position requires more of a commitment, but there are times when only a permanent placement will do. Like when the position being filled has managerial responsibilities, security privileges, or access to critical information systems. Having Pyramid’s team help you search for, screen, and test candidates minimizes the time, cost, and uncertainty involved in the process.


This strategy can dramatically reduce your hiring risk by enabling you to test the employee’s skills, compatibility, and work ethic before making a long-term hiring decision. Likewise, the employee can determine if the position and company are perfect fits for them, which in turn helps you reduce unexpected turnover.
As a complete one stop solution, HR service provider our experienced/ specialized consultants lend expertise in all HR related domains to help design and implement selection/assessment processes, where they are required to enhance the efficiency of the client’s recruitment and selection tasks.