Pharmaceuticals and life sciences

In a fast-changing industry landscape, the life sciences industry is battling challenges, namely, falling R&D productivity, patent cliffs, increased regulations, margin pressures, price-sensitive markets and industry consolidation.

We help pharmaceutical manufacturers enhance drug safety by implementing tools and processes for proactive surveillance, uniformity and consistency.Our industry-leading pharmacovigilance solutions ensure safety as well as efficiency and effectiveness.

Improve revenues, drive process efficiencies, ensure quality & compliance and foster innovation. DW Labs ensures continuous process improvement, lower costs with higher productivity, reliable steady state.

Our Healthcare & Life Sciences business unit combines domain focus, best-of-breed technology and delivery excellence in a comprehensive portfolio of services equipped to address the demands of rapidly-modernizing industries. We have an unwavering commitment to long-term relationships and our customers include leading pharma enterprises.

As the life science industry continues to change, so should your way of thinking about how you manage core processes. Our tailored solutions can help.

DW Labs offers solutions specific to the challenges of Life Sciences companies. Browse the pages below to learn more.

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  • Discovery and Pre-Clinical