Business Intelligence

We bring BI accelerators to address challenges common within a market segment. Our solutions architects will create a blue print tailored to the unique technical and business requirements of your organization, and our global delivery teams will ensure the end-to-end implementation meets the needs of all stakeholders.

In today’s complex multi-geography operational landscape, your process limitations could make you less agile – curtailing your competitive edge. And retooling your processes in pockets may not produce results. What you need is a transformation partner who understands your processes and catalyzes change – by drafting a holistic model that weaves together operations, strategy, technology, and business goals. A partner who sees the ‘bigger picture’.

Often, organizations implement point solutions that results in pockets of data being housed in multitudes of platforms, applications and databases that are scattered across business lines, business functions and geographies. We can bring this data together to support high performance. While we are vendor independent, we have strategic relationships with all of the key players in the business intelligence market, enabling comprehensive, best-of-breed solutions.

The sustenance of any business comes from its wholesome growth, which is amalgamation of its core activity with efficient functioning of the non-core activities. Our delivery model will help you save costs and augment agility at the same time.

Our team of business intelligence professionals collects an organization’s internal and external data; stores it, typically in a data warehouse; and saves it in a usable format dictated by enterprise data governance principles. Once completed, organizations can measure, analyze and use the data proactively: analytics can be generated; executives can make critical, strategic decisions faster using the now-accessible, factual data; and organizations can move forward faster, instigating change, reinforcing strategic imperatives or boosting investment.

We help you make five essential shifts to unlock transformation opportunities: disparate processes to standardized processes, fit-the-gap operating models to best-fit operating models, technology as an enabler to technology as a multiplier, process metrics to business metrics, and static knowledge to dynamic knowledge.