Consumers and Retailers

Today, retailers are confronted with massive changes in the industry. Overall, the pace of growth has slowed, with great cost pressures coming from a host of sources. The dramatic shifts in shopping habits and behaviors are having a profound impact, from the migration to e-retail and precision shopping, to the continued decline of the mall or shopping center as the hub of retail activity.

The continued globalization of supporting supply chains makes retailers increasingly vulnerable to both disruption and unanticipated, uncontrollable increases in material costs. And finally, the new breed of consumer, fueled by the recent stagnation of the economy, has come to expect the nearly impossible—a combination of exemplary service and value.

In years past, retailers were faced with a more informed consumer who was able to research prices and products before purchasing. Now that research takes place right in your store, with smart phones connecting consumers to reviews, ratings, price comparisons and communities, even as they peruse your aisles.

From loyalty and CRM to workforce management solutions, we help you deliver seamless service to customers. In addition to basic POS and WFMS services, we can implement next-generation customer touchpoints like personal shopping assistants, kiosks and digital signage.

How well you capitalize on a niche defines your competitive edge. But with increasingly nimble department stores and discounters—plus globalized shopping experiences available through the Web—it’s critical for specialty retailers to work smarter to stay ahead.

Our range of specialty solutions help stores maximize profits while anticipating changes to consumer demands. From loyalty and CRM to workforce management, we help you implement new customer touch points like personal shopping assistants and kiosks using cloud, analytics and mobile technologies.

Discounters face intense pressure within the industry and from every angle—from big box chains to global e-commerce providers. A sound business strategy plus the right solutions can help you enhance cost-competitiveness and keep shoppers loyal to your stores.

From loyalty and CRM systems to workforce management solutions, our team of retail and technology experts can help you revive existing markets, jumpstart new ones and provide seamless customer service within tight cost constraints.

We apply a holistic transformation approach by combining and enhancing some of the best operational tools and philosophies. DW Labs understands how operations support business strategy.