Technology Assessment

Technologies are continuously advancing from one phase to another phase, and there is a strong need of business to strike a balance between operations and improvements. This is the phase where business leaders know that they have to run business uninterrupted as well as advance in technology or adopt new technology. Like business processes, business technology too evolves from needs of business as time passes by. Keeping ‘Existing’ system operational versus transitioning to ‘New’ system can be a daunting task.

This involves exhausting business and technical parameters in considerations, while keeping business continuous at the same time. This transitioning should never slow down the performance or hinder the agility of your business and keeping your growth progressing.

Technology Assessment enables organization leaders understand the present IT utilization levels. The Audit process typically begins by understanding the vision, mission and the business goals of the customer. A high level mapping of the current IT deployment in relation to the business objectives is carried out, and possible gaps between the business objectives and IT deployment is observed and noted.

The deep dive audit involves detailed study of the IT infrastructure deployed – hardware, software, connectivity, power, security, MIS, and usability by end users. Other areas of study include identifying process coverage, data integrity, productivity improvements, reporting frequency and adequacy, training adequacy, and system availability.

DW Labs provides a full range of services from application, testing and maintenance through deployment, upgrades and consulting. These services can greatly enhance your capabilities.

The technologies we provide are as follows:

  • Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Consulting
  • Digital Security and Privacy
  • Social