Media and Entertainment

DW Labs analytics and research practice offers broad capabilities, from fundamental reporting and research to advanced predictive modeling, social media monitoring and optimization to advisory services. Through qualitative and quantitative data analytics, DW Labs delivers the facts and insights businesses need to make smart decisions consistently and reliably.

Success depends on the ability to reach more customers and to offer them richer and more relevant and satisfactory services by continually innovating their products and services, leverage best practices, and effectively utilize the latest technologies.

We have the right expertise to implement total infrastructure solutions for a full-fledged media company including setting up data centers, render farms, media backup solutions, storage management, disaster recovery and business continuity and pipeline management.

DW Labs also has the expertise to design and implement customized solutions for content management and distribution.

Our embedded software solutions division has developed expertise in providing real time media processing solutions and has implemented content delivery network for a prestigious client in Japan. Media groups, telecom operators, internet players, publishing companies, and cable television, VoIP, Satellite, Wireless providers are all competing for the time of people.

Opportunities however, come with increased competition and financial pressures & customer satisfaction that are combining to make this one of these industries’ most challenging times.

Our campaign management analytics focus on results, starting with identifying the right mix of historical and external data sources; analyzing the ROI of various promotional campaigns; tracking promotion delivery; and then comparing actual performance with the competition and business objectives. It ends with generating insights that can help in refining your campaign strategy.

The way you create, manage and deliver your digital assets is an important part of your business. Together, we’ll develop smart solutions to make it easier..