IT Training

Our goal is to help organizations and individuals improve their performance and be the best that they can be. We do this by providing world class training solutions that build and develop skills and confidence.

DW Labs objective is to incorporate ‘lean’ thinking into all programs and consults with clients prior to any engagement about the desired outcomes from the program.

Companies need to adapt, or they will not survive. Training teams in the application of ‘lean’ principles is an important way of achieving and sustaining business improvements.

One of DW Labs points of difference is its Dynamic Training System (DTS), which integrates group based workshop training delivery that is supported with one-on-one coaching and mentoring. DW Labs DTS methodology has achieved consistently high quality training outcomes with major clients and excellent program completion rates.

Most of DW Labs management team has worked in the ‘real world’ in line management roles in major companies, so the operational, ‘value add’ and service needs of clients are well understood.

The DW Labs Dynamic Training System offers the unique experience of group and individual training delivered in workshops and on the job. This system ensures practical application of learning in your workplace so staff enjoys training and can apply skills and knowledge.

Our unique training model allows onsite theory sessions in workshop format and then practical hands-on training in your workplace.

This model has achieved high success in manufacturing, supply chain and services businesses as it supports the learning needs of all staff at all levels.